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California auto mechanic book rate pay

California auto mechanic book rate pay refers to a method of calculating an auto mechanic’s pay  based on the number of “book” hours the mechanic is expected to complete the job. The “book” is  essentially a guide that lists the estimated time it should take a skilled mechanic to perform a specific  repair or service on a particular vehicle make and model. 

Under the book rate pay system, mechanics are typically paid a fixed rate per book hour completed,  which is often a percentage of the hourly labor rate charged to the customer for the job. For  example, if the shop charges $100 per hour for labor, and the book time for a particular job is 4  hours, the mechanic would be paid for 4 hours of work at a rate of, say, 80% of the hourly labor rate,  or $80 per hour. 

It’s important to note that California law requires that auto mechanics be paid at least the minimum  wage for all hours worked, even if the book rate system is used to calculate their pay. If the  mechanic’s pay under the book rate system falls below the minimum wage for all hours worked, the  employer is required to make up the difference. 

In addition, under California law, employers are required to provide accurate itemized statements of  wages to their employees, which must include the total number of hours worked, the hourly rate of  pay, and the total wages earned for each pay period. Failure to comply with these requirements can  result in significant penalties and fines. 

If you have questions about book rate pay or other wage and hour issues as an auto mechanic in  California, you should consult with a qualified employment attorney.

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