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Your employer may think they have the upper hand when it comes to firing employees. However, you do have rights. Taking California, for example, the employee is protected from wrongful termination. That includes if you felt forced to quit your job. Because every worker and every workplace is different, at The Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, we assess each case on its individual merits. We have extensive experience proving wrongful termination.

If you lost your job due to any of the following you may have suffered a wrongful dismissal:

  • standing up for yourself or a co-worker in a situation where there was sexual harassment
  • let go because of your race, national origin, or religious affiliation
  • retaliation from your employer for reporting dangerous or unlawful behavior or for being a “whistleblower” or creating an environment of purposeful hostility
  • age discrimination
  • discharge due to discrimination over a real or perceived disability
  • marital status regardless of whether you are single, married, widowed, divorced, separated or in a relationship or domestic partnership

These are only some of the reasons you may have a valid wrongful discharge claim under California law. But how you handle yourself in the situation can impact your ability to receive all the compensation you are entitled to. Don’t risk your case by going it alone. 

Losing your job and your financial security can be a stressful and emotional event, and that is why we only get paid when we recover money for you.

Our attorneys negotiate and obtain settlements on behalf of employees and workers and are willing to bring class and collective action, as the case might be.

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Employment law can be complicated. However, if you feel that your employer owes you wages, then we want to hear from you. It’s that simple. To learn more about wage and hour class actions, and the other legal services we provide, call 855-924-3489. You may also contact us online to schedule an appointment.


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