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Employers Changing Employee Time Cards

Under California labor law, it is illegal for an employer to alter an employee’s time card or pay records without the employee’s knowledge and consent. If an employer changes an employee’s time card without the employee’s authorization or fails to pay an employee for all hours worked, the employer may be liable for unpaid wages.

The California Labor Code provides several provisions that protect employees in these situations. Here are a few key provisions:

California Labor Code section 226 requires employers to provide itemized wage statements to employees that include information such as gross wages earned, hours worked, and deductions. Employers who fail to provide accurate and complete wage statements may be subject to penalties.

California Labor Code section 512 requires employers to provide meal and rest breaks to non-exempt employees. Employers who fail to provide these breaks may be liable for additional pay equal to one hour of pay for each missed break.

California Labor Code section 1194 allows employees to sue their employers for unpaid wages, including unpaid overtime, minimum wage, and meal and rest break premiums. If an employer is found to have violated these wage and hour laws, they may be required to pay the employee back wages, as well as penalties and interest.

In addition to these provisions, California labor law also prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who assert their rights to receive accurate wage statements, breaks, and minimum wage and overtime pay.

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