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Recording Telephone Calls of Employees on Employers Phone

Under California law, it is generally illegal to record a telephone call without the consent of all parties  to the call. This means that if an employer wants to record telephone calls made or received by  employees on the employer’s phone system, the employer must obtain the consent of all parties to  the call, including the employees. 

If an employee is using an employer-provided phone or other communication device, the employee  should be informed that the device may be monitored or recorded by the employer. Employers must  have a legitimate business reason for monitoring or recording employee phone calls, such as to  ensure quality control or to investigate potential misconduct. The monitoring or recording must also  be done in a manner that is not overly intrusive and that does not violate employees’ privacy rights. 

It’s important to note that there are exceptions and additional requirements that may apply to  specific industries or types of jobs. For example, in certain industries such as finance, employers may  be required to record all telephone conversations with clients. If you have questions about recording  telephone calls and your rights as an employee in California, you should consult with a qualified  employment attorney.

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