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Under California Law What Information Must Be Included on the Detachable Wage Statement

Under California law, employers are required to provide employees with an accurate, itemized wage  statement, also known as a pay stub, with each paycheck. The wage statement must include the  following information:

  1. Gross wages earned 
  2. Total hours worked (unless the employee is exempt from overtime pay) 3. The number of piece-rate units earned and the corresponding pay rate (for employees paid  on a piece-rate basis) 
  3. All deductions made from the employee’s wages, including but not limited to taxes, Social  Security, and Medicare deductions 
  4. Net wages earned 
  5. The dates of the pay period for which the employee is being paid 
  6. The employee’s name and the last four digits of their social security number or an employee  identification number 
  7. The employer’s name and address 
  8. The hourly rate(s) of pay and the number of hours worked at each rate (for non-exempt  employees)

In addition, if an employee receives any additional compensation, such as commissions or bonuses,  the wage statement must separately list the amount and the method of calculation. 

Employers are required to provide wage statements that are accurate, clear, and complete. If an  employer violates California’s wage statement requirements, they may be subject to penalties and  other legal consequences.

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